Travel Light – Sam Beckett & Julian Bénoliel in Marseille

After getting my work situation sorted out last week – FINALLY! – I’m ready to get back to pushing the Europeskate site with a clear head. Searching for week under pressure seriously sucks so I’m happy to dedicate some good time back to skateboarding!

Let me kick off this Monday morning with this video clip, “Travel Light”, which takes us to the beautiful city of Marseille, France along with Sam Beckett and Julian Bénoliel. If you have never had the chance to make it to Marseille, I’d suggest looking into putting this city on your travel schedule for this year. I visited and skated Marseille’s fantastic skatepark right on the beach every year back in the 90’s and I’m going to get my ass back there this year as well!

Sam Beckett and Julian Bénoliel hit three of Marseille’s great spots, all under that beautiful sun – sure makes me want to travel again!

Travel Light – Sam Beckett & Julian Benoliel a Skateboard video by kingpin

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