True Inspiration – A Road Trip With Minus Ramps And General Sherman´s Floats

After getting myself outdoors this morning while the spring sun is still shining on us to have a a skate session, I’m back in at the Europeskate HQ and what a way to start the info flow off. We’ve got the “True Inspiration” video clip which features members of “Minus Ramps” and “General Sherman´s Floats” who have been on a road trip during February of 2013 in the area of Los Angeles, San Diego and El Centro (USA).

Skaters feaured include Chad “JR” Leblanc, William “Soup” Campbell, Chris Cope, Landjunge “JP” Kraus, Old Man Andy, Brendan Klein, Jamison Peil, Matt Grabowski, Sam Hitz, the shotcrete crew, Downless, General Sherman and surely a few more. And the spots they found are priceless and unforgiving…watch it and be inspired for more concrete skateboarding to come.

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