Tweaker Zine update and Tweaker Freaker art exhibition

Tweaker Zine is always busy putting together really interesting and fun to read articles On top of that they are organzing the “Tweaker Freaker” Exhibition at Slam City Skates in London, England from October 16th till November 16th 2008. The exhibition features art from contributors and friends of Tweaker so get on over there if you are somewhere close to London:

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– Tweaker Freaker Exhibition information

And while you are online anyway then head over to Tweaker Zine’s web presence and check out the latest October updates:

Radar Hill – Photography by Paul Gonella
Sonia Blair – Interview with this intriguing artist.
Machine Gun – Fakie Manual Roll Special
Support Southsea skate park – Info about Southsea Vs Spitfire wheels Tshirt
Israel – Photos by Omer Shamir
Dashenka Prochazka – Coverage of recent one night exhibition
Polaroid feature: Polaroids from Thomas Richardson

Tweaker Zine October 2008
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