Tweaker Zine’s 1st Birthday Issue!

Tweaker Zine's 1st Birthday Issue!

When it’s somebody’s or something’s birthday you are expected to congratulate and in this case I love to do it because the people behind Tweaker Zine have been working on it for one year now and constantly bringing quality articles which are fun to read with an assortment of exciting photos as well.

The latest “birthday” issue if I may call it this way is in no way different from the past and again, I want to read this and not chew it up and spit it back at you in my words. Here’s the summary from the Tweaker Zine editors themselves, enjoy! Oh yeah, click here to start reading Tweaker Zine!

Welcome to Tweaker
French remineses about 1 years worth of roadtrips, BBQs and Beer.

Underground shreading at it’s most dusty.

Southsea hits 30, and ages like the old croaky whore that she is. (some dudes from Southhampton come and ride her)

Travelogue: Dave Turner
Dave’s Pics from various pics abroad.

Dan and Craig are on it! Tweaker Heart RoadKill

Andrew Effendy: Whats Left Behind

Photos you can almost smell.

Harry Bastard
Brewster catchs up with Harry Bastard, Archive pics courteasy of Horsley / Sidewalk – (Thanks fellas!).

A selections of skate shots from a selection of shooting skaters.

Slam Promo
Tweaker has a lot of love for the Covent Garden Massive!

2008 Drawing Boards Tour
The Drawingboards crew head out on the road in search of fast times.

parts of the latest issue

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