Tweakerzine with spanking new articles for July

One of my favorite reads and a good visual stimulation has always been the Tweakerzine web magazine created by Gorm, Paul Gonella and French with a lot of contributors. This is a must read for me and I recommend you bookmark it. Here are the latest updates:

Folio: 09 Analogue
New Zealands Dan Kircher is good behind all lenses.

Savoir Faire
We chat with: Kev Parrot Ciaran O’Connor and Alex Irvine

New Mexico
Issac Mckay Randozzi is in New Mexico

Mau Mau – Sewerside
North Devon’s Mau Mau / Sewerside

Folio: Channon King
The Photography of Channon King

Random shit that has crossed our desk this week.

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