Typical Culture – DIY Online Mag From San Diego

Typical Culture - DIY Online Mag From San Diego

It’s great to have a few days off to just relax, skate a lot and dwell even more in the never-ending depths of the skate community which is represented all over the web. I stumbled across a video on The Skateboard Mag’s website just a half an hour ago entitled “The Typical Culture Montage” featuring skating by David Cobb, Spencer Pratti, Andrew Elliot, Brandon perelson, Truman Hooker, Dylan Messer, Elijah Berle, Cody Carlin, Drew Dezort, Patrick Beaudouin, Russell Grundy, Ryan Harris, Tim Williams, Chris LaRue and Adrian Gephart.

Turns out Typical Culture is a skater run web mag / blog run out of San Diego which is one of the best reads I have found, packed with loads of good photos and videos and even better, it shows a part of skateboarding I just would not get to see all the way over in Germany. Watch the Typical Culture Montage video right here and make sure you visit the site, I’ve just bookmarked them…

» Typical Culture web mag right here

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