UK skate team summer tours 2008

UK summer skate tours 2008

I’ve got to start somewhere with this list so I’ve picked up the country which is sending a bunch of hits to the Europeskate site first. The skate team tour season is upon us all and a bunch of teams will be hitting the UK shores soon so here’s a list which will be updated (if you find something missing do me / us all a favor and let us know with a comment please!):

éS Euro Team Tour 2008

– Harlow Skatepark May 24th
– Saffron Waldon Skatepark May 24th
– Crawley Skatepark May 25th
– The Works Skatepark in Leeds May 28th (3pm onwards)

Zoo York UK Tour 2008

– Manchester: Signing at the Note Skateshop 16:30 and Demo at the Mancunian Way Park June 11th 18:00
– Leicester: Signing at the  June 12th 16:30
– Crawley: Demo at the Crawley Skatepark June 13th 17:30
– London: Demo at the Bay 66 Skatepark June 14th 14:00

The rest is sort of still up in the air it seems but I’ll cheekily copy what “Anonymity” (moderator on the Sidewalk Skateboard forum, make sure you check it out!) has collected together:

June 27th – July 3rd Flip UK tour
Details are still being confirmed but expect at least two demos (at Stoke plaza and Bay 66 TBC) and appearances from Mark Appleyard, David Gonzales, Rodrigo TX, Luan de Oliviera, Curren Caples and Louie Lopez with more to be confirmed. More on this as soon as we know.

July 24th – 31st Real skateboards/Anti Hero combined tour

Not too many details on riders yet but expect appearances from (at least) Nick Dompierre, Justin Brock, Keith Hufnagel on the Real front plus various Anti Hero riders. The tentative plan for this one is to head up North with possible demos at either Newcastle’s Exhibition Park and/or R-Kade skatepark, Redcar.
Again, keep your eyes on the site for confirmed dates as they come in.

August 27th – Sept 1st Santa Cruz Euro Enduro tour
Expect full team attendance at least two demos and a high probability of them being in the South West area. Check for confirmed demos soon.

September 13th – 17th – UK Independent tour
This one will feature both US and UK Indy riders and will no doubt encompass at least a couple of demos. More details as soon as there are some.

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