UK skaters wanted for Cliche and Stereo teams

Picking through the sites as usual I’ve seen a couiple of companies currently on the lookout for new blood for their teams. Stereo Skateboards for one is searchign fro a young british skater who doesn’t ride for any other company. The new talent will be chosen by Chris Pastras himself so if you think you could fit into this team, get your footage together and send it in to “Out of Step Distribution” asap (

And Cliche is also looking for a new UK rider which has sparked off a massive run on the forum entry over at Sidewalk Skateboards. It’s a who’s who of British skateboarding and lovely comments, sure got me laughing. Should be interesting to see who makes the race. John Tanner, Shaun Witherup, Daniel Clarke or somebody else? Stay tuned…

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