UKSA National Championships 2009 Street Finals video

No time to waste, there’s a video to watch and for all of the street contest madness, get your shoes tied on tight before they just fly off while you are watching – the Brits are coming people and they mean serious business – I’m impressed!

Street Finals
1 Ross McGouran
2 Kris Vile
3 Dan Wileman
4 Ben Grove
5 Darryl Dominguez
6 Chris Oliver
7 Neil Smith
8 Conhuir Lynn
9 Dave Snaddon
10 Dave Davies
11 Korahn Gayle
12 Vaughn Baker

Mob Grip Bank – Best trick
1 Dan Wileman – Frontside 270 to Backtail Revert
2 Harry Lintell – Switch Bigspin into the bank
3 Carl Wilson – Kickflip Backside Five-0

Blueprint Rail – Best Trick
1 Ben Grove – Everything!
2 Flynn Trotman – FS Nollie Swith K
3 Jess Young – FS Blunt Shove it.

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