UKSA National Skateboard Championships 2008 footage

UKSA National Skateboard Championships 2008 footage

The United Kingdom Skateboarding Association hosted the National Skateboard Championships 2008 with support from Vans , Relentless , Independent Trucks , Flip Skateboards , Casio G-Shock, Skullcandy , Tech Deck and Protec at the Adrenaline Alley skatepark in Corby, UK. £ 10,000 were up for grabs and when you watch the video footage by Sidewalk Skateboarding Magazine (currently from the the street and vert qualifiers) you’ll see that the level of skating in the UK has gone sky high!

Pete King, Andy Scott, Wingy, Trawler, Sam Beckett, Sam Bosworth, Paul Luc Ronchetti, Sean Goff and more skating it up in the vert qualifier below…

Street qualifier with Tom Harrison, John Tanner, Andy Scott, Chris Oliver, Neil Smith, Ben Nordberg, Pete King, Sean Smith, Vaughan Baker, Tom Watts and more!

Check out the final results below!

Street Results
1st Chris Oliver £2,500
2nd Ross McGouran £1,500
3rd Kris Vile £1,000
4th Ben Grove £300
5th Dave Snaddon £150
6th Tom Harrison £100
7th Dan Wileman £80
8th Neil Smith £60
9th Ben Nordberg £40
10th Pete King £20

Street Best Trick: Dan Wileman – Gap to Frontside Tailslide Bigspin Out

Independent Vert series Results/A Group
1st Sam Beckett £1,200
2nd Sam Bosworth £600
3rd Alex Halford £350
4th Sean Goff £200
5th Jacob Anderson £150
6th Jim the Skin £100
7th Jim Langram £100
8th Trevor £100
9th Wingy £100
10th Paul Luc Ronchetti £100
11th Adam Halverson
12th Dave Allen

Vert National Championships Results
1st Paul Luc Ronchetti £150
2nd Andy Scott £100
3rd Sam Beckett £50
4th Pete King
5th Sean Goff
5th Sam Bosworth
7th Dave Allen
8th Alex Halford

Girls Street Results
1st Claire Alleaume £100
2nd Lois Pendlebury £50
3rd Lucy Adams £25
4th Helena Long
5th Sam Bruce
6th Emma Richardson
7th Georgina Winter
8th Cora
9th Rebecca Jaques
10th Fran Stroud
11th Becky Wood

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