Ultra Bowl II Contest in Malmö August 20-22

Ultra Bowl II Contest in Malmö August 20-22

The Ultra Bowl II contest in Malmö, Sweden is on this weekend August 20th – 22nd 2010 with a ton of top skaters invading the city for a weekend of skateboarding madness. Getting it started off on Friday at 8 pm the the micro mega ramp contest kicks it all off with 10,000 Swedish Kronen up for grabs and then the rest of the weekend it’s concrete bowl fun for all. Check out some of the action from last year in the video clips below and for all of us – me included – who can’t make it, there’s a webcast (click right here). Yeah, the internet is good for something!

The massive riders list!

Ben Rayborne, USA
Stu Graham, SCO
Mike Vallely, USA
Carl Wilson, UK
Josh Mattson, USA
Kevin Kowalski, USA
Julien Benodiel, FRA
Zarosh Egglestone, USA
Andy Scott, UK
Frank Faria, USA
Joel Webb, AU
Tim Johnson, USA
Lars Monsen, NOR
Benji Galloway, USA
Steven Reeves, USA
Guilliame Guccomile, FRA
Josh Screetch Sandoval, USA
Kevin Wenske, GER
Cody Lockwood, USA
Bjorn Klotz, GER
Enrico Petralia, SWE
Pär Magnusson, SWE
Sean Barclay, USA
Jaime Ruiz, Bilbao
Urtzi Unanue, Leioa
Fernando Bramsmark, SWE
Alex Giraud, FRA
Mattias Nyhlen, SWE
Dennis Degenhardt, GER
Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg, SWE
Rigo, Bilbao
Steven White, NYZ
Eddie Lindqvist, SWE
Rion Linderman, USA
Michi Koop, AUT
Rob Smith, UK
Davis Stenström, SWE
Craig Stewart, SCO
Arina Rahman, MAY
Balder Lehman, DK
Dirk Rasslof, GER
Robin Roos, SWE
Fabian Kutscha, GER
Simon Karlsson, SWE


Duane Peters, USA
Anders Tellen, GER
Lester Kasai, USA
Txus Dominguez, Bilbao
Nicky Guererro, DK
Jan Loften, SWE
Mark Munson, UK
Zimpa Lindell, SWE
Paul “Dicky” Davis, UK
Johnny Sandberg, SWE
Patrik Evander, SWE
Mattias Svensson, SWE
Peter Dietsches Diepes, GER
Henrik Wadsten, SWE
Chris Lonergan, SCO
Wolfgang Toth, GER
Keith Stephenson, USA
Per Lindberg, SWE
Gerd Riger, GER
Stefan Stare, SWE
Hans Jacobsson, SWE
Jason Parkes, USA


Anne-Sophie Julien CAN
Annie Guglia CAN
Nicoline Egeberg DK
Emma Lindgren SWE
Julie Lévesque CAN
Lois Pendlebury UK
Lucy Adams UK
Anna Smideman SWE
Susannah Young SWE
Katta Sterner SWE
Frédérique Luyet CAN
Helena Long UK
Danielle Mellor UK
Roux Cenata CAN
Josefin Robarth SWE
Eva Täljemark SWE
Marianne Ahnlund SWE
Katarina Fritsch SWE
Eloise Théoret CAN
Malene Madsen DK
Sophia Lönnberg SWE

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