The United Skateboard Photography Project needs your support!

I started the United Skateboard Photography Project to support skateboard photographers and the Grind For Life organization. The goal is to publish a 300+ page hardcover book featuring the beautiful skateboard photographer of around 85 photographers from around the globe and sell this book to support cancer patients and their families. Some of the people involved include Grant Brittain, Brian Fick, Jim Goodrich, Morizen Föche, Dan Sparagna, Fred Ferand, Russ Sakurai, David Pang, Eddie Vink, Brent Shipley and many many more.

Everything is ready but 20,000 Euros are needed in the next 39 days to be able to get this book printed. As of today 805 Euros have been donated which is great but far from the necessary funding goal.

What can you do?
Well first of all, here are the links to the United Skateboard Photography Project website and the crowdfunding campaign website so please visit them and get informed or help us financially:

Crowdfunding campaign:

United Skateboard Photography Project website:

You can donate anything between 5 and 500 Euros. The project has be reopened for companies to advertise in the printed book with a full page ad costing ONLY 500 Euros!

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