Urban Funke Day in Barcelona on June 30th

We just received a message yesterday from “Missy” telling us about a competition happening down in barcelona on June 30th. Here’s the offical wording for it:

“Urban Funke Day are our “Skate Olympics”: SKATE GAMES wil take place at Area Skate Circa, a competition based on the Olympic Games [high jump,long jump, hurdles jump, relay race…], that will change the concept of skate tournaments, with medals, cash prizes and more to win for contenders. International and national professional sponsored teams will participate together with their brands. A major show that will introduce a brand new scene for skaters.”

And on top of that Grand Master Flash will be performing his turntable techniques on stage so if you are in Spain, head over for the fun.

Find out more at their website : Urban Funke

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