Van Doren Invitational 2013 Practice Videos

The Van Doren Invitational 2013 skate contest has been taking place in Huntington Beach this week and Vans decided to go all out and build a semi-replica of the legendary skate park du Prado bowl from Marseille, France. Pretty insane if you think about it, especially as – if I’m not incorrect – the entire concrete structure will be torn down after the event as it seems to have become the normal thing to do with big contests. This got me thinking about starting an organization to some how “save” these parks or have them built some where that they can stay in the first place – such a waste of material and a place to skate.

That being said we can still watch some excellent skateboarding this weekend. The shop team battles and the womens contest have already taken place so sit back and watch some video footage from the practice runs right here. Congrats from us to Lizzie Armanto for winning the women’s contest!

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