Vans Bowl-A-Rama 2011 Bondi Beach Contest Round-Up

Bowl-A-Rama 2011 Bondi Beach contest videos

Things have been a bit laid back on Europeskate in the last week as I’ve actually been skating a lot and of course juggling my day job with working on Europeskate, a new clothing / fashion oriented site for the German market and actually starting up a distribution. Sounds like too much at the same time but some how it works.

To make your weekend ja lot sweeter, here are a few videos from the Vans Bowl-A-Rama 2011 skateboard bowl contest on Bondi Beach which was already cool to watch on the webcast…imagine having been there! Someday as I always like to say. The level of skating was incredible, even in the masters group the guys were blasting out of the bowl and skating strong. Enjoy the video clips and the results. Bob Burnquist won the Best Trick contest with an insane switch frontside heelflip frontside air.

1. Pedro Barros
2. Rune Glifberg
3. Bucky Lasek
4. Bob Burnquist
5. Renton Millar
6. Narthan Beck
7. RJ Barbaro
8. Nolan Monroe

1. Steve Caballero
2. Mik Mulhall
3. Lester Kasai
4. Nicky Guerrero
5. Sergie Ventura
6. Pat Ngoho
7. Sasha Steinhorst
8. Steve Alba

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