Vans collab shoe/t-shirts with Dave the Chimp

Vans collab shoe with Dave the Chimp

Vans keeps bringing out those new shoe designs and lately – or for a while already actually – collaboration shoes with certain companies or designers have been coming out (I haven’t found any yet but maybe I should look harder or somebody should send some to Europeskate please! Size 41 will do fine, I have small feet like a little chimp so that I can grab the board better.)

the Vans and Dave shoes

One of the latest shoe collabs coming out this September is with the street artist Dave the Chimp featuring his trademark cartoon figures on the sides in bright red, yellow and orange colors and the back newly styled Mid Skool Pro model features a pair of eyes. The rest of the shoe is a white and light grey and if you add those pink shoelaces you are sure to get some people starring at your feet…great if you wake up with loads of pimples, just distract the people! And while you are at it you can check out the two t-shirts coming out at the same time which also incorporate Dave’s characters.

the Vans and Dave tshirts

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