Vans Downtown Showdown 2007 results

The Vans Downtown Showdown 2007 went down just this past weekend on the set of Paramount Pictures in Hollywood, California. Four obstacles were built on site by Four Down to engage the competing teams (Girl – Creature – Foundation – Real – Alien Workshop – Black Label – Toy Machine – Zero) Each team was allowed to enter three riders on each obstacle, with the requirement of one of the riders being pro. Then they got 30 minutes to show what they could do on the various obstacles.

And this is what happened. Let’s go to obstacle 1:Creature’s Darkest Passage Into the Depths of Doom and Despair

The whole thing looked like a Darth Vadar helmet with a tunnel through the middle with a bank on one side and enough space to gather speed on the other. Well, no one really knows what happened but Omar Hassan went in one side and came out on the other with a huge bloody gash on his head, check the picture below! He came back though at the end of the competition with several stiches so everything is fine.

1st – $2500 – Tyler Mumma
2nd – $1500 – Tony Cervantes
3rd – $1000 – Al Partanen

On to obstacle 2: Girl Gonz Wild

The Girl Gonz Wild was a replica of the Embarcadero Gonz gap in San Francisco which became famous through Mark Gonzales being the first to ever ollie it. This obviously invited the skaters participating to do some hardcore gap jumping and here are the results:

1st – $2500 – Billy Marks
2nd – $1500 – Mike Mo Capaldi
3rd – $1000 – Sean Malto

Obstacle 3: Real’s Sacto Rebate

This obstacle was made to resemble a contest I honestly never heard of, the OG Sacto Street Contest from 1985 (maybe it’s because I just started skating “real” boards late 1985…?). There was an angled spine, a jump ramp, of course a car and a hubba AND a gap! All hell did break loose and here are the results:

1st – $2500 – Rick McCrank
2nd – $1500 – Alex Olson
3rd – $1000 – John Rattray

Last but not least was obstacle 4: Foundation’s Former World’s Biggest Skateboard

Yeah, a huge skateboard which looked impossible to ride and it was around 8 feet tall but get some of the best skaters out there and they’ll rip it anyway!

1st – $2500 – Tommy Sandoval
2nd – $1500 – Johnny Layton
3rd – $1000 – Rick McCrank

And here is how everything came together. To get the scores correct only the top two scores from each tame were counted BUT one of the scores had to be a pro score. In addition, a top am and top pro were chosen based on their overall scores.

MVP Am – $5000 – Alex Olson
MVP Pro – $10,000 – Rick McCrank

Overall Team Winner
1st – $30,000 – Zero
2nd – $15,000 – Toy Machine
3rd – $5000 – Girl
4th – Creature
5th – Real
6th – Black Label
7th – Foundation
8th – Alien Workshop

If you want to watch the action check out this link. If that shouldn’t be working just head over to the 411 Video Magazine site and search for it.

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