Vans Downtown Showdown in Europe September 12th, 2009

Can’t miss out on this delicious piece of news now can we? I’ll post the official info so I don’t miss out on anything but even if you can’t make it, there’s a webcast just waiting right here…

For the first time ever, the legendary Vans Downtown Showdown will cross the pond and take place in Torino (Italy) on the 12th September 09. The roof of the Lingotto Building (former Fiat factory) will play host to this innovative skate event that will bring together skate board teams from across Europe.

Built in 1916 and opened in 1923, the old Fiat factory is a famous part of the city’s skyline. In the 1930s many car models were produced, including the famous Fiat 500 of 1936; the roof of the building was also used as test track for new Fiat models. The old factory was then rebuilt and today is a modern complex, with concert halls, shopping arcades, hotels and the recognisable rooftop (which was used in the original Italian Job film): the perfect setting for this skate jam.

Six European board companies will be invited to create an original and challenging obstacle idea, the best three will then become part of the course and skated in separate jam sessions. If past designs are anything to go by there are sure to be some surprises that will keep spectators and riders entertained. Each of the six board companies are invited to submit a team of their top sponsored riders to take part in the contest and compete for a slice of the 50,000 Euros prize purse.

The Vans Downtown Showdown concept was created for skaters by skaters and has been running in Hollywood’s Paramount Studios, with huge success, for four years. Involving legends such as Jamie Thomas, Alex Olson and Rick McCrank and companies such as Girl, Zero, Toy Machine and Alien Workshop, who each year, create their own Off the Wall ideas to be skated. Get set to add some European flavour to this renowned event this September that will lead the way for future skate contests.

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