Vans Downtown Showdown unveils The Obstacles

With the Vans Downtown Showdown 2013 to be taking place this coming Saturday, August 31st in the beautiful city of Paris, information has been leaking out about the obstacles that will be onsite. 50,000 Euros prize money is waiting to be divided up between the 12 teams participating.

Cliché chose to reinterpret the pools beneath Paris’ most iconic monument, as Cliché founder Jeremie Daclin explains, “Video Days made this spot mythical, and Cliché brings back the magic.”. Expect some fast lines and creative use of the pyramid!

Element pulled no punches, and chose to take on the mighty Eiffel Tower itself. Utilising the structures transitioned sides, they created a monster that is sure to be the site of some of the contest’s heaviest tricks. Alex Deron, Element’s Marketing Manager, said “We never got the chance to skate the ponds, so what about the Eiffel Tower itself?!”.

Palace took things a step further, heading straight for the city’s famously chic citizens. When faced with the Parisienne setting, founder Lev Tanju’s “first idea, instead of making a skateable baguette, was to make a 3D rendering of Karl Lagerfeld’s head, with a really whippy transitioned ponytail that you could get air out of. Legal said they’d get sued though, so we had a last minute switch-up, and made some really expensive luggage you can grind”.

As Geoff Rowley explains, Flip’s obstacle “pays homage to the French flag. As various Flip riders have resided in cities across France, it seemed only fitting to honour these good times with a bold and brazen approach to the artwork. Hopefully ‘French Fred’ (Mortagne) approves? The design approach was simple; multiple-directional flow with a variety of street, bank and tranny terrain”.

– ANTIZ (EU): Sam Partaix, Dominic Dietrich, Samu Karvonen, Dallas Rockvam
– CLICHé (EU): Kyron Davis, Flo Mirtain, Kevin Bradley, Lem Villemin
– DEATH (EU): Rob Smith, Adam Moss, Mikey Patrick, Moggins
– DROPDEAD (BRA): Pedro Barros, Rodolfo Ramos, Evandro Martins, Guilherme Guimarães
– ELEMENT (EU): Ross McGouran, Phil Zwijsen, Nassim Guammaz, Karsten Kleppan
– FLIP (US): Geoff Rowley, Ben Nordberg, Luan Oliveira, Louie Lopez
– ISLE (EU): Nick Jensen, Chris Jones, Sylvain Tognelli, Tom Knox
– METROPOLITAN (EU): Steve Ramy, Vincent Bressol, JJ Rousseau, Lee Smith
– PALACE Skateboards (EU): Lucien Clarke, Chewy Cannon, Rory Milanes, Olly Todd
– SWEET Skateboards (EU): Gustav Tönneson, Josef Scott Jatta, Jonas Skröder, Nisse Ingemarsson

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