Vans Dragon Chasers Exhibition in Taipei

Vans Dragon Chasers Exhibition in Taipei

From the other side of the planet we received this piece of news about Vans recently kicking off the Dragon Chasers Exhibition at Leftfoot Gallery in Taipei. The exhibition is a mixture of art and some of Vans’ most important releases in recent time. Click here to see some of the pieces of art, great stuff!

The theme of the show is based around the Asian cultural concept of “Dragon Chasers”. The metaphor of dragon chasing signifies the Asian attitude of attempting to exceed their limits, chasing something that is impossible. The art was created by Singaporean artist Jahan. The exhibition concludes on January 1st, 2008.

Leftfoot and Vans 1
Leftfoot and Vans 2
Leftfoot and Vans 3
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