Vans heads towards China

Vans Goes To China

Over on the Transworld Business site there’s a two part article written by Adam Sullivan about Vans heading over to China to officially launch their brand. The article itself is more of a photo blog story but once you take a look at all of the pictures (hell, I like to see people getting paid to travel to another country! And especially have another look in the second part of the article at the Shanghai skate park which again and again looks like something out of a video game, just because of the insane size of everything including the park itself.) make sure you read through the comments.

These are quite long and detailed, obviously from readers either with experience with the Chinese market or living in China itself. A very interesting read and with a market that size, only the future will tell the story of or if foreign companies can keep alive in the market.

– Transworld Business “Vans Goes To China” Part 1
– Transworld Business “Vans Goes To China” Part 2

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