Vans Bowls Series 2016 Winners

Vans Park Series World Championships – The Video Clips

Woooow, what a weekend I just had in Malmö, Sweden at the the brand new Krokbäck Skatepark which was built by Dreamland Skateparks just the Vans Park Series World Championships finals and for the skaters in Malmö as the skatepark is there to stay and free for all to skate.

So it was a last minute decision for me to make the drive from Hamburg up to Malmö on Friday afternoon as I could combine some skate business and a lot of fun at the same time. Early Saturday morning I headed over to the Stapelbaddsparken skatepark for a good session with the local “old” dudes before finally jumping in a cab to get to the contest at around 11:30, three hours before the womens contest.

So that was a very good idea because only 2500 people were allowed inside the grandstands and the lines were insanely long – I’m just guessing but easily 10.000 were all around the park watching the big monitors or waiting for hours to get a direct view.

After a rad women’s contest with Brighton Zeuner coming out in first, the men took over the concrete and there was no one holding back. It was a really close reace but at the end Alex Sorgente with all of his flow and control was able to pack and insane final run in which grabbed first place for him with powerhouse Pedro Barros taking second and young Italian stallion Ivan Federico with a very much deserved third place.

The Vans Bowls Series World Championships was one of the coolest skateboard contest series ever done and we are already looking forward to next year’s events! Enjoy some of the footage right here:

Men’s Finals Results

1st – Alex Sorgente
2nd – Pedro Barros
3rd – Ivan Federico
4th – Cory Juneau
5th – Ben Hatchell
6th – Kevin Kowalski
7th – Grant Taylor
8th – Jack Fardell

Women’s Final Results

1st – Brighton Zeuner
2nd – Jordyn Barratt
3rd – Kisa Nakamura
4th – Allysha Le
5th – Lizzie Armanto
6th – Yndiara Asp
7th – Nora Vasconcellos
8th – Nicole Hause
9th – Julz Lynn Kindstrand
10th – Bryce Wettstein

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