Vans Skate Europe video series features England

Vans Skate Europe video series features England

There are loads of skate videos out there and more turning up every day. The quality is getting better and better but sometimes when watching them many just look the same as others. I found out about the Vans Skate Europe 4 part video series which is really informative about the English skateboard scene now and in the past. Make sure you watch all four as they take you on a tour through Great Britain and it’s skateboard history!

Here’s what the makers of the video series have to say about the development story behind the scenes.

Oh no, another skateboard show on VBS! Not really, Skate Europe is more like a TransEuropean miniseries tour, starting with Britain. We went to the UK to meet with a healthy cross-section of English skateboarding. In London, OG The South Bank locals like Winstan Whitter and Ben Jobe were nice enough to talk us about there beloved spot, and in Bristol we had the pleasure of chitchatting with high-ollie-ing champion Danny Wainwright about his home town. We even managed to scrounge up Ben Nordberg and Kris Vile to represent the new guard. Both of these guys are on their way to a long future in skateboarding, so it was nice to have a chance to talk with them about before they got all jaded and old.

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