Vans X Spitfire Keeping The Underground Lit – Top 5 Videos

John Cardiel came up with the cool idea for a collaboration between Vans and Spitfire which involves using a portion of the funds generated through sales of the Vans/Spitfire shoes to build renegade skate spots. The idea was born with Tony Miorana and Peabody heading up the first wave of construction, getting the skaters from the chosen skate shops to work on their DIY spots across California.

The chosen skate shops were:

510 Skateboarding, Northern California
Cowtown Skateboards, Arizona
NJ Skate Shop, New Jersey
Pacific Drive Skateboard Shop, Southern California
Subsect Skate Shop, Iowa

I personally like the 510 Skateboarding video the most but you can vote on the official Vans X Spitfire Keeping The Underground Lit website, click right here! It’s always so messed up to see how much time, energy and tax money the American government is able to pump into stopping skaters from actually building something and staying out of trouble.

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