Verse – ‘Aggression’ record check-out

Verse - Aggresion record out now!

Verse is a band out of Providence, USA and if you have been following hardcore music for several years, then you have heard of this band which is relentless in keeping to it’s roots and playing straight-forward hardcore music. This third release from Verse goes by the name “Aggression’ and you can easily say that the name works out quite well.

I personally like the way the record doesn’t stray into new fields of music so you get a chance to hear how well they play as a unit. Sure, it can be good for bands to go off and try something new but it happens too often that it isn’t the band you started liking the first time you heard them. Nothing completely new or amazing on this record, but I bet they are more than worth the entrance fee for a live gig.

Ahh, what a great bridge I made there – Verse is currently on a US tour till the middle of July, then they’ll be taking a few weeks off before they head over to Europe. Here are the US tour dates for you:

June 21 – Westcott in Syracuse, NY (shredding with friends/roommates in Soul Control)
June 22 – Inside Out Gallery in Traverse City, MI
June 23 – Now That’s Class in Cleveland, OH
June 24 – High-Point Club in Kansas City, KS
June 25 – The Underground in Denver, CO
June 26 – Compound in Albuquerque, NM
June 27 – Che Cafe in San Diego, CA
June 28 – Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA (Rotting Out!)
June 29 – Balazo Gallery in San Francisco, CA (what’s up John Eightclip!)
June 30 – The Studio in Reno, NV
July 2 – Satyricon in Portland, OR
July 3 – Midnight Sun in Olympia, WA (is there a place to get vegan biscuits & gravy in Olympia or am I dreaming?)
July 4 – The Space in Vancouver, BC (Circles, you know I love you)
July 5 – Seattle Legion Hall in.. yes, Seattle, WA
July 6 – House Show in Boise, ID
July 8 – Rejavanate Coffee Lounge in Las Vegas, NV
July 9 – Modified Arts in Phoenix, AZ
July 10 – The Junction in Houston, TX
July 11 – Rock Bottom Bar in San Antonio, TX
July 12 – Higher Ground in Merairie, LA
July 13 – Significant Fest at 688 Skatepark in Clearwater, FL
July 14 – Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta, GA
July 15 – The Anchor in Nashville, TN
July 16 – Championship Vinyl in Lemoyne, PA
July 17 – Good Timez in Livingston, NJ
July 18 – First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia, PA
July 19 – Deer Park VFW in Deer Park, NJ
July 20 – Waterfront Tavern in Holyoke, MA

Get all off their shows (also Europe) right here:

Make sure you check out the following websites to find out what’s up with Verse:

– Verse blog site
Verse on MySpace
Bridge Nine Records

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