Vert Attack 5 Contest Results And Videos

The results are in from probably THE largest skateboard vert contest in the world these days Рaround unbelievably 90 contestants signed up and skated this past weekend in Malm̦, Sweden during the Vert Attack 5 contest which attracted skaters from all around the globe to battle it out in the halfpipe, making everybody see that vert skating is alive and well still. The webcast sure raised my appetite for some new vert sessions in the next weeks.

And here are the results and hours of video coverage if you happen to have some day off and really bad weather!

» stream 1 from Vert Attack 5
» stream 2 from Vert Attack 5

Pro/Am Skateboard Final Results:
1. Jake Andersson UK
2. Rune Glifberg DK
3. Alex Perelson USA
4. Jussi Korhonen FIN
5. Neal Hendrix USA
6. Sam Becket UK
7. Alex Halford UK
8. Andy Scott UK
9. Pontus Björn SWE
10. Adil Dyani NOR
11. Thomas Madsen DK
12. Joe Atkins UK

Masters + 40 Skateboard Final Results:
1. Steve Caballero USA
2. Nicky Guerrero DK
3. Christian Hosoi USA
4. Anders Tellen GER
5. Jeff Hedges USA
6. Sean Goff UK

Junior Skateboard Final Results:
1. Mathew Carlise UK
2. Simon Karlsson SWE
3. Mats Hatlem NOR
4. Nick Hanson UK
5. Thom Theiste GER

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