Vert Attack 8 is a wrap!

Jeff Hedges by Fred Ferand
Photo: Fred Ferand – Skater: Jeff Hedges

The Vert Attack 8 halfpipe chaos which was once again sooo good is winding down. I’m sitting in the hotel lobby, saying bye to many of the vert skaters and new friends from the weekend after the final party last night. Three full days of vert ramp skating and watching the ramp being taken apart – and I am totally stoked by it all.

The level of skating was insane in all groups. Juniors, Girls, Masters (which was probably the largest group of skaters in a Masters division ever!) and of course the Pro/Ams group. Check out the first of many videos coming in the next few days.

All the best wishes to Jeff Hedges, get good quickly my man!

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