Vert Attack X

Vert Attack X Finals Video Recap

Yeah, it was AWESOME – Vert Attack X was able yet again to raise the level of vert skateboarding in every division. Kids, girls, masters and pro/am: it was off the scale! And if you didn’t know his name yet, now you do. Clay Kreiner took padless skateboarding to another dimension with tricks like his kickflip varial McTwists almost hitting the ceiling. Just scary and at the same time so damn good.

Here’s a quick summary of the Pro / Am Finals filmed with a phone which is pretty cool!

And the Master finals right here:

And if you have over 9 hours to spend in front of the screen, here you go – all of the finals footage! All of the times are below the video so you can go straight to what you want to see.

0:00:26 – “We are the freaks” – The official Vert Attack X song by Patrik “Doc” Bergholtz
0:03:00 – Welcome with Neal Hendrix and J-Mag
0:10:16 – Interview with Jeff “Ffej” Hedges
0:31:12 – Pro/Am Semifinal heat 1
0:55:20 – Interview with Dave Allen
1:07:42 – Pro/Am Semifinal heat 2
1:16:52 – Clay Kreiner smashes a light tube
1:37:33 – Interview with Matt Dove
1:52:56 – Pro/Am Semifinal heat 3
2:21:18 – Interview with Bryce Kanights
2:01:13 – Jeromy Green snaps his board
2:58:36 – Masters Semifinal heat 1
3:22:22 – Interview with Josh Borden
3:41:03 – Masters Semifinal heat 2
4:22:46 – Masters Semifinal heat 3
5:14:07 – Interview with Mike Frazier
5:29:43 – Juniors final
5:57:59 – Interview with Sam Beckett
6:14:53 – Bryce Kanights photo slideshow
6:30:28 – Girls final
6:55:37 – Interview with Fernando Elvira
7:07:10 – Interview with Mike John
7:27:45 – Masters final
8:03:38 – Interview with Martin Willners
8:08:17 – Interview with Poppy Starr Olsen
8:27:39 – Pro/Am final
9:03:48 – Interview with the Pro/Am winner – Clay Kreiner
9:37:04 – Prize giving ceremony

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