Vert Skateboarding Flashback – Houston 1991

This one is for all of you vert skaters out there – looking back in the past is always a fun thing to do, especially with skateboading as it has changed, been redefined and has attracted new skaters to ride the ever growing vert ramps besides the old school skaters. Here’s a bunch of videos from back in 1991 at the SUAS in Houston, Texas with Lance Mountain, Mike Frazier, Bod Boyle, Darren Menditto, Omar Hassan, Dave Le Roux, Remy Stratton, Tony Hawk, Bod Boyle, Darren Menditto, Omar Hassan, Remy Stratton, Buster Halterman, Chris Gentry, Eric Nash, Chris Miller and many others ripping it back when some of you guys out there didn’t even know how to spell skateboard 🙂

I just love watching these runs which aren’t packed with flip tricks and 540s (nothing against those tricks, but I just like a good mix!). There are three more videos after the jump, don’t miss them!

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