Video Choices for August 18th 2009

Video Tips August 18th, 2009

Getting my ass moving again as I’ve been a bit lazy lately – here are the latest web video choices, three of these are featured at the top of the homepage today:

– Keeping the updates about the Back to Berrics 2 contest alive, the are in the second round of the contest or to make it more understandable, the top 32 riders. And here are the first two match-ups:

+ Guy Mariano vs. Cesar Fernandez
+ Greg Lutzka vs Lucas Puig

– P J Ladd has his own Flatground Fundamentals video series running and right now he’s at number 6 with a how to do Frontside Heelflips. Check out the whole series right here and get your tricks down, I know I want to try it out finally and become a street kid of today – yeah right Johnny Boy, keep dreaming 🙂 But it looks like a good place to learn some tricks!

– Stu Graham is just raw and it’s always fun to watch him shred what ever lies in his path, check out his 10 Tricks on this concrete quarter ramp.

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