Vista Skate And Art Magazine From Brazil

Vista Skate And Art Magazine From Brazil

The web is packed with information, videos, pictures, social networks, interviews´- you name it, you can find it and about 20 times more than you can ever consume and that’s a really bad estimate. We’re being flooded with information and yeah, I’m contributing to the flood, regurgitating information that you can find as well and sometimes I do ask myself if all that I am doing is for any good.

Hell yeah! Plain and simple, we all decide for ourselves if we are going to just have friends online, spend our time in chatrooms and believe we are cool if we have over 1000 Twitter friends. I don’t care about that – the possibility to use the means of communication are fantastic and when I find a goldmine which has it’s roots all the way over in Brazil ( is the website I’m talking about here!), I just love the web for what it has to offer! The people behind this website have put together a great mix of skateboarding, art and music and from what i can barely understand due to the language, it even looks like they have a print mag going (??)…click on the picture below for an online Flash mag packed with animated pages, pictures and a bunch of videos – just plain good work here!

Vista Online Magazine Project
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