and the Translations trailer video and the Translations trailer video is just what the title says….add in some skateboarding, well some really well filmed skateboarding and you probably can understand around half of what this site is about. Patrik Wallner has been filming for the upcoming “Translations” video and if what you can see below in the trailer is representing the rest then this is going to be nominated by me for one of the best movies of the year, plain and simple. Atmospheric, visually stimulating and some damn good skateboarding with quite a few skaters you do know already. I know who I have to contact soon to find out more of the dirty details behind this masterpiece in the making!

Here’s what he has to say himself about this excitingly different looking video:

“My first real video is on its way. I have filmed in over 15 countries, been on the road without returning home for six months, I had to fight monkeys, stay alive in 130 degree temperature, probably eat dogs or cats by accidents in China, and of course film tricks that would take a couple hundred tries while people ask me if film for “Youtube”… come on… Well i am sure if you been coming back to this website you know that this video will contain a lot of new things, check the trailer to see a 2% of what you will see in the final version of my upcoming video “Translations”!”

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