Volcom 2010 WILD IN THE PARKS Championships

Volcom 2010 WILD IN THE PARKS Championships

Volcom Stone’s 2010 Global Wild in the Parks Championships went down Saturday October 2nd at Peoria AZ’s Rio Vista Skatepark!

After nearly 40 qualifying stops around North America, Europe and Australia, the best amateur skateboarders in the world met up to test their skills against one another for a piece of $25,000.00 in cash! Just to qualify for this event, each competitor had to place highly at a regional contest to prove they could stand their ground against the best. Check out the video of the highlights from the event and the winners are listed below!

Results of the Volcom 2010 WILD IN THE PARKS Championships:

14 & Under:

1st: Ryan Thompson –> $2750
2nd: Ethan Loy –> $2250
3rd: Phil Hansen –> $1500
4th: Deshawn Jordan –> $750
5th: Kevin Baekkel –> $500 (Norway)

15 & Over:

1st: Alex Pellegrino –> $3000
2nd: Matt Militano –> $2250
3rd: Tyson Bowerbank –> $1500
4th: Chris Anderson –> $750
5th: Jared Cleland –> $500


1st: Axel Cruysberghs –> $3500 (Belgium)
2nd: Adam Arunski –> $2500
3rd: Julian Christianson –> $1500
4th: Dalton Dern –> $1000
5th: Chase Webb –> $750

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