Volcom Amsterdamn AM 2008 heads into final day!

Volcom's Amsterdamn AM 2008

The AMs are taking Amsterdam apart as you are reading this and the qualifier’s list for the semi-finals has gone up on the Volcom website. The Americans scored 6 out of the 10 top spots yesterday so let’s see how many Europeans can snake their way into there today. The first spot did go to Bullard Adrien out of France though with two Dutch skaters and the young Axel Cruysberghs out of Belgium in the top 10 as well. Thanks to Jelle Keppens (Volcom) for the infos and pictures!

Bullard Adrien salad grinding it

Bullard Adrien

Dylan Perry nose bluntslide

Dylan Perry

Finals qualifiers at the Volcom Amsterdamn AM 2008

1. Bullard Adrien, FR
2. Dylan Perry, USA
3. Axel Cruysberghs, BE
4. John Dickson, USA
5. Chris Gregson, USA
6. Bas Janssen, NL
7. David Loy, USA
8. Louie Lopez, USA
9. Mario Metabelle, USA
10. Robbin Oost, NL
11. Madars Apse, Latvia
12. Ruben Rodrigues, Portugal
13. Eniz Faziliov, Finland
14. Nelson Mosikili, NL
15. Marek Zaprazny
16. Grant Taylor, USA
17. Justin Figueroa, USA
18. Niels van der Zeeuw
19. Kris Vile, UK
20. Rob Maatman, NL
21. Paco Elles, Spain
22. Xico Basabe
23. Cristian Vannella
24. Jan Hofer
25. Sewa Kroetkov, NL
26. Woody Hoogendijk, NL
27. Reini Rietsch
28. Karsten Kleppan, Norqway
29. Yannick Schall, Germany
30. Collin Provost, USA
31. Tim Zom, NL
32. Alexander Risvad, Denmark

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