Volcom Bergfest 2012 Skateboard Contest Results!

Volcom Bergfest 2012 skateboard contest in Münster, Germany is over and as I was only able to watch it through the live webcast, I can only imagine how good it really was! The results are in:

Open Division:
1- Jürgen Horrwarth 2- Ben Hatchell 3- Ivan Federico 4- Renton Miller 5- Andrea Casasanta

Master Division:
1- Thilo Nawrocki 2- Tobias Springborn 3- Oliver Gordon 4- Daniel Beck 5- Jörg Caprez-Keller

PAVEL Death Race Christian Krause / fastest time: 14.76 seconds

Am Division:
1- Fabian Wenzel 2- Tim Turudija 3- Sebastian Nienhaus Kids : 1- Lenni Janssen 2- Eric Sprinborn 3- Leon Rüb

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