Volcom Damn Am 2009 Final Results

Volcom Damn Am 2009 Final Results

The level of skateboarding is soaring and the good thing is we all get to watch and contribute to making it go even higher (well, I’ll be realistic – most of you contribute, I’ll continue to enjoy skating and watch *grin*). The finals of the Volcom Damn Am 2009 took place this past weekend (October 22nd – 25th 2009) in Costa Mesa, California – remember, these skaters are all not pros yet – the word “Damn” does really suit this contest just fine!

All the results after the jump…

Final Results
1. Luan Oliveira
2. Clint Walker
3. Tommy Werner
4. Felipe Gustavo
5. Brodie Perrod
6. Timmy Knuff
7. Louie Lopez
8. Chase Webb
9. Felipe Ortiz
10. CJ Dixon
11. Derek Elmendorf
12. Rob Maatman

Best Trick on the Pyramid Rail
1. Clint Walker – Gap to front board shuv it and a lenghty 5-0 to kickflip out
2. Aaron Collier – Backside bigspin to backside lipslide
3. Dylan Witkin – 12 foot gap to fs noseblunt
4. Chris Mendes – Kickflip backside tailslide bigspin out
5. Kechaud Johnson – 12 foot gap to frontside smith grind

Zumiez Destroyer Award
Clint Walker

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