Volcom European WITP Tour stops this weekend

Volcom WITP stops

More skate tours for everybody wanting to hook up with a bunch of other skaters this weekend. – the Volcom Wild In The Parks European tour is heading towards the following parks:

29/08/2009 WITP CZECH REPUBLIC , Prague, Mystic Skatepark
29/08/2009 WITP AUSTRIA, Vienna
30/08/2009 WITP BELGIUM, Wevelgem, Zumiez skatepark
30/08/2009 WITP SWITZERLAND, Montreux, Empire skate building

If you are close to any of this skateparks, be sure you dont miss out on free food, free drinks and tons of give aways! AND..the chance to qualify to the European WITP Championships in Malmoe!

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