Volcom To Paradise Mini Ramp Contest 2010 – Video

Watch the Volcom To Paradise Mini Ramp Contest 2010 video!

Just over a week ago the Volcom to Paradise mini ramp contest in Munich took place – here’s the video featuring the skateboarding madness!

Here’s a brief synapsis of what went down. And of course the video action is right here as well!

Day 1: Best Trick Results:

1. Ivan Rivado noseblunt slide on the extension! 300 Euros
2. Julien Benoliel BS blunt 180 on the extension, and a FS nosegrind on the extension. 2 x 50 Euros
3. Greg Nowik blunt air walk to fakie. 50 Euros
4. “Manhead” Kick flip BS disaster on the extension. 50 Euros
5. Emilio Arnanz 50 Euros

Day 2: Mini-ramp contest results:

1. Alain Goikoetxea 4000 Euros
2. Andy Scott
3. Guillaume Mocquin
4. Ivan Rivado
5. Martino Cattaneo

Day 3:

Best trick on the stone extention, results: Josh “Manhead” Young caballerial nosegrind: 300€
Guillaume Mocquin bs lipslide down 50€ and bs smith down 50€
Josh Young fs nosegrind down 50€, Jarne Verbruggen bs tailslide up 50€.
Mentions to Emilio Arnanz and Madars Apse landing their tricks after the horn.

Skate Shop battle:

MANTIS from Hamburg won a Keg of bier winning ORANGE JUNGLE (Erfurt) and FIRST TRY (Heidenheim) on diverse activities such as barefoot skateboarding, ukulele sesh, Coconut tree highest air or tequila shots rides…

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