Volcom TXOTX mini ramp contest results

Volcom TXOTX 2008 contest results

The Volcom TXOTX mini ramp contest took place last week in Durango, Spain. I haven’t been able to find any videos available yet but they’ll surely show up. Good to see Ivan taking it home and Aaron Sweeney holding the flag up for the Gyppo Army!

1. Ivan Rivado 3000 Euro
2. Aaron Sweeney 1600 Euro
3. Ben Raemers 900 Euro
4. Jurgen Horwarth 500 Euro
5. Guillamue Mocquin 400 Euro
6. Chris Oliver 300 Euro
7. Diego Doural 250 Euro
8. Manuel Alvarez 200 Euro
9. Emilio 150 Euro
10. Dani Leon 100 Euro

Best trick:
Aaron Sweeney 500 Euro

Here’s some footage from the 2007 contest:

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