Vox Footwear bring out Black and Blue Volume 2 for free!

That’s right, the newest video out of the Vox Footwear house called Black & Blue Volume 2 is now available from their website as a complete download. Get over now to grab this 20 minute long great video!

It takes a bit to download (well it is 20 minutes long and 200 MB large so it’s worth it!) so go make a sandwich while you wait. Once you have it you’ll be able to enjoy a lot of high speed crazy grinding, sliding, ollies and concrete creativity.

The video goes from a DIY session with some concrete mixing to create a news spot to two short check-outs of Adrian Mallory and Henry Panza who both can do some really good moves on tough terrain. After that we get a good insight on the wonderful world down under with some hardcore looking spots and some excellent parks as the cherry on the top. To round it all off Darren Navarette is in the focal point showing what he can do best.

All in all a great video they put together and all of that for free – can’t get better than that. T recommend it to everybody.

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