VOX Footwear’s Black & Blue Volume Three review

VOX Footwear's Black & Blue Volume Three

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I am for sure not always the first person or site to put up news about new videos or whatever – but that’s not really the point now is it? Vox Footwear have put together the third volume of it’s Black & Blue series and it easily does the job of getting me itchy to skate. This volume is divided up into six different parts which are offered stand-alone or in it’s beautiful entirety…the only problem is that the download takes a lot of time so you might want to check the smaller ones.

The Vox team starts it off with a good mixture of fast street tricks and tough as heck tricks in more than a little bit deep pools. Some of those things are almost ridicoulously deep like the full-pipe shown (anybody know where that is? Is it also the Shanghai Skatepark?) and the Shanghai park has some really large transitions which look like a lot of fun but it takes a fair amount of cash to get there first. Too bad for now, I’ll stick with the European spots, there are enough here.

The team also visited Japan starting it off on a vicious and non-forgiving cement block with a very small piece of transition on it and a narrowly built metal bowl, speeding through it with ease just to move on to a variety of smaller parks to do demos. Don’t get me wrong – there’s a large selection of tricks being shown in this part as well which will get you dreaming/thinking as well …my favorite was the backside kickflip to backside nosepick in a very tight trani by an unknown skater.

Just yesterday I recommended a party coming up in April here in Hamburg which will support a DIY skate spot project and the VOX team shows their own DIY spot created as a cement transition to a street barrier with a pole running at the top, perfect for grinds, slides and blunts which are delivered picture perfect.

Ryan Petanshiski and Tyler Surrey (I honestly can’t say that I’ve heard of them so U’ll have to do some homework to find out more…) take it to some “natural” banks, the streets and some bowls and just generelly shred everything to bits. They have their bag of skateboard tricks and then some, that’s for sure.

And to let you off the hook and my talk, just enjoy Peter Hewitt’s and Justin Strubing’s complete control of their bodies, boards and anything in between them – just plain good. And that goes for the entire video, good work yet again from the VOX team.

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