Wake up call – top 5 skateboard slams ever!

5 worst skateboard slams ever

Okay, why should we always start the week with great skateboard lines, reviews of new clothes lines and skater check-outs? Correct, no reason and we don’t have a schedule telling us what to do so here’s a little collection of the top 5 skateboard slams (as seen by the guys from the eS website) delivered straight to your screen just so that we all understand that pros do fall down as well! While you are at it, vote for the worst slam right here:


Jake Brown X Games 13 (2007)

Brian Schaeffer Tampa Loop (2002)

Chris Miller Upland (1985)

Heath Kirchart This is Skateboarding (2003)

Fabio Sleiman Leap From Vert Ramp to Rail Sack (Unknown)

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