War of the Thistles 2009 this weekend!

War of the Thistles 2009 this weekend!

The next big weekend in skateboarding is coming up, this time in Scotland with the War of the Thistles 2009. Two days, two parks and if the past years can tell a story about the future, then this is going to be another weekend packed with madness. Here’s some video proof from last year and below that the official information straight off of the Skateboardscotland.com site

The official news:

War of the Thistles 2009 is going down at the following two locations:

Sat 2nd May – Unit 23 Skatepark, Dumbarton
Sun 3rd May – Transition Skatepark, Aberdeen

The dates are confirmed as the 2nd and 3rd of May 2009. The headline sponsor for this year is Etnies. Massive props go out to Pete Turvey at Soletech for sorting out the main sponsorship of the event. The other main sponsor this year is once again Relentless.

This year the first day of the event will held at Dumbarton and the second leg will be in Aberdeen. If the skating that went down at the War of the Roses on 21st / 22nd Feb is anything to go by there should be a lot of sick skating going down. Transition in Aberdeen have added some new stuff to session on the Sunday which looks pretty rad.

Best tricks on various obstacles. Cash prizes for sponsored riders and product for un-sponsored riders.

The price for getting into the parks is the usual £10 quid each day on the door. Well worth it for a whole days skating. The Second day will not start until 2pm and there will be barbeque food on offer for tea.

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