Watch the Trailer Trash movie and win a Creme skateboard!

Creme skateboard giveaway competition

Yeah, it is pretty much as simple as that. All you have to do is go to the Creme Skateboards website, download the Trailer Trash video (or watch it right on the site, the download is better quality though) and then sign up to answer one simple question about the movie to win a new B-Movie Boy board which inspired the Trailer Trash artwork. Read on to find out just how to win a board and where to get the movie…

Get on over to the Creme website to get the video

Here’s the link to where you have to go to sign up and answer the question for the competition:

And the question being asked is: What do you think Rodney is burning in the microwave oven? Good luck for everybody entering the competition, sure is a nice board to win!

Creme skateboard giveaway flyer

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