What is going on in Ryan Sheckler’s head?

Ryan Sheckler

Man, I could not believe my eyes when I was going through the etnies website today and this one page spread from the teenager magazine “seventeen” popped in my face with the title “How to be a cool girlfriend” by Ryan Sheckler….ummhhh, okay. I usually try to leave people alone with what ever they do but I do have my opinions about topics and this is one that is quite obviously going to attract the pro and hate fractions in hoards.

Let’s face it, Ryan started really young in skateboarding and getting this much attention can seriously get to people’s heads, just take a look at Mrs. Spears and you know what I mean. And just because somebody has a skateboard and has some really good skills doesn’t mean he or she has to be as cool as you expect them to be.

BUUUUUT: is this really necessary? This isn’t just a one off interview with a magazine, he has already done another interview with “seventeen” before bragging about having 2000 dollars in cash in his wallet and planning on buying a diamond earring….oh man, let people be but please don’t drag skateboarding down with these types of attitudes. Anyway, here’s the link to the interview as well, just for a laugh:


Ryan Sheckler gives tips to girls
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