Who is your favorite skateboard photographer?

I’m really happy that I got around to starting the Skateboard Photography area (yeah, I’ll stop saying it sometime soon probably…) as it really has opened a new channel of information coming from people capturing special moments of skateboarding in a picture. What I would like to know from all of you is who in your opinion belongs to the best skateboard photographers around – just anywhere. I came across a discussion on Flickr (Famous skateboard photographers discussion on Flickr) started by Allan Schmidt (who got the Featured Pic of The Day April 18th by the way right here on Europeskate) in which names of and opinions about photographers were coming in from around the globe.

Names like Glen Friedmann, Fred Mortagne, Grant Brittain, Atiba Jefferson, Bryce Kanights, Joe Brook, Skin, Mark Whiteley and many more were dropped and I would like to continue this conversation right here on Europeskate. Let me and everybody else know who your favorite photographer’s are and most importantly why. Write your comments, let us hear what you think!

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