Wiener Melange Or How Good Skateboarding Is In Austria

Wiener Melange Or How Good Skateboarding Is In Austria

I don’t really remember exactly when I contacted Benjamin Beofsich about the “Wiener Melange” skateboard DVD which he had put together earlier this year but he wrote straight back and offered to send me a copy on DVD.

The DVD arrived a week later and how it sometimes just happens, it got lost on my desk. So several weeks later I finally got around to popping the DVD into the player, grabbed myself a drink and sat down to see what this Austrian video had to offer. BANG! 30 something minztes late I was pretty stoked about what I had just witnessed. I was pretty much surprised with the quite good editing and a bunch of skaters who are not all over any magazines who can lay down some mad lines on that board with four wheels and two big pieces of metal holding it all together.

The 34 minute video gives us a good insight into the skateboarding taking place in Austria with appearances made by Benjamin Zibuschka, Christian Stahl, Daniel Spiegel, Florian Erkinger, Philipp Schuster, Sebastian Binder and Thomas Steinwender. Check out the bonus part with Daniel Spiegel right here and stay tuned as in the next weeks to come a new part will be going online for everybody.

» Get in contact with Benjamin about the Wiener Melange – looks like more will be coming in the future!

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