Win one of three decks from Subvert Skateboards till April 17th

Subvert Skateboards deck giveaway

Going hand in hand with the DVD release of the German writer and director Armin Völckers’ debut film “Leroy”, Subvert Skateboards out of Hamburg, Germany is giving away three decks which are dedicated to the reigning German champion in amateur vert, Steven Schmidt.

Here’s what you have to do to participate and maybe you are one of three lucky winners of a deck:

1. Go to the online shop V-Skateshop :
2. Using the navigation on the left side of the site, click on “Skateboard decks”
3. Find the price for the Subvert deck with the title “My first subvert deck”

Send an email to “jyoung(AT)” with the exact price of the deck only in Euros with your complete name and address. If you win, we can send you the deck, pretty simple! Last entries will be accepted by April 17th, 2008 (whereever you are on this planet, your email has to be sent on April 17th)

Three entries will be drawn randomly and the names announced here. Only one deck per person! Good luck!

The cooperation between Subvert and Leroy developed because the film producer, Oliver Stoltz, used to be a neighbour of Lux (the owner of Subvert) and back in 1984 Oliver got Lux hooked on skating. The Leroy / Steven Schmidt board is available in all sizes between 7.5 and 8.5.

For those of you interested in the film itself, it is a romantic comedy about a mixed-race boy with an Afro hairstyle falling in love with a blonde-haired girl whose brothers are neo-Nazis. This is serious material in Germany and it is dealt with in a comic light and it is the first German film to have a black German, Leroy, as the main character. The film has been popular with young audiences in Germany and it won the Audience Award at the 2007 Tokyo International Film Festival on October 28.

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