Wooden Cotton supports the independent skateboard scene

Wooden Cotton

As it so happens when you are scrolling through the interspace arena you are bound to find something that catches your eye. Wooden Cotton is a relatively new website which has made it their deal to report and support the many independent skateboard companies and teams out there which is a great thing to do to keep skateboarding what it is – something fun. Here’s what the owner, Bruce Ackerman, has to say in a few words about the site:

“This is Wooden Cotton. We are a team of avid skaters looking to help promote all the independent skateboarding companies out there. We’ll also keep you updated as to what’s going in the independent world too.

About Wooden Cotton’s owner – My name is Bruce Ackerman and I’m from the Chicago area. I started skating when I was a little kid and have kept it going ever since. I feel the most important thing to have in the skateboarding industry is new ideas and creativity, trick and product wise.”

I already like the variety of news on the site and it sure helps to find out about smaller skateboard companies over in the States. Keep it up Bruce!

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