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Wooden Nickels Episode 4 in Berlin

It is always pretty funny for me to see how the opinions about skateparks, how they were built and supposedly how good or bad they are differ from person to person, age group to age group etc. It is easy these days with the sheer abundance of skateable parks to become choosy but I grew up in a time in Germany when you were happy to have anything to skate.

So sure, some of these spots in Berlin are tough and not perfect but hell, you can skate them and be creative. And that is exactly what with Giorgi Balkhamshvili, Roland “Hirschi” Hirsch, Lennie Burmeister, Sylvain Tognelli, Patrick Rogalski, J├╝rgen Horrwarth, Sean Malto and Ben Nordberg do in this 4th episode of “Wooden Nickels”.

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